(adapted from the novel by Louisa May Alcott)



          Citadel Theatre – Lake Forest, IL – 2012 – Director:  Scott Phelps

           Antaeus Theater – Los Angeles, CA – 2013 – Director:  Cameron Watson



“The quintessential adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story.

--Chicago Theatre ReView

“This adaptation finds the heart of the story…it serves as a superb introduction for 21st Century audiences to Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 novel.  This American classic holds up well in this retelling…Noble’s adaptation retains the human element while underscoring the value placed on hard work, charity and family.”  --Chicago SunTimes

“A charming addition to holiday theater.”  --MakeItBetter Entertainment






7 women, 5 men (4 women: 20s, 2 women: 40s/50s, 1 woman: 50s/60s,
1 man: 20s, 2 men: 30s/40s, 2 men: 50s/60s); OR

6 women, 3 men (4 women: 20s, 2 women: 40s/50s, 1 man: 20s,
1 man: 30s/40s, 1 man: 50s/60s)

Multiple locations:  Concord, New York, Europe—private & public places

SIDHE (/shee/)



            The Road Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2010 – Director:  Darin Anthony



The Theatre @ Boston Court “Six Pack” Festival – Pasadena, CA – 2007 –

Director:  Darin Anthony

The Blank Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2008 – Director:  Darin Anthony

The Odyssey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2009 – Director:  Darin Anthony



Ovation Award Recommended Best Production

StageSceneLA “Outstanding Production” Award

Y.E.S. Theatre Festival Semi-Finalist



“Brutal and raw, Sidhe is a terrifyingly powerful theatrical experience. 
Expect to feel shell-shocked once you stagger out of the auditorium.” 
-- ArtsBeatLA

            “Noble’s play rings of Conor McPherson and Sam Shepard” – BackStage

            “The play is never anything less than spellbinding.” –StageSceneLA

“Noble has written an ingenious smattering of humorous moments, lacing
macabre story as the personal horrors of these people’s lives unfold.”

– Tolucan Times



Set in the 1990s on the Southside of Chicago, a bartender and her cop brother-in-law confront their tragic pasts through the visitation of a mysterious Irish couple on the run from forces darker and greater than the stuff faerytales are made on.



2 women, 2 men (1 woman & 1 man: 20s, 1 woman & 1 man: 30s/40s);

Northern Irish/Chicago dialects needed

Two locations:  a bar; a flat






Seanachai Theatre Company – Chicago, IL – 1995 – Director:  Robin Stanton

California Conservatory Theatre – San Leandro, CA – 1996 –

Director:  Jim Schlader

Fox Theatricals, John York Noble & Michael Leavitt – Chicago, IL – 2001 –

Director:  David Cromer

The Road Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2007 – Director:  Scott Cummins

Citadel Theatre – Lake Forest, IL – 2009 – Director:  Scott Phelps

Shapeshifters Theatre Company – Chicago, IL – 2009 – Director:  Robert Ayers

Bad Habit Productions – Boston, MA – 2011 – Director:  Daniel Morris 



Ovation Award Nominee Best Production

Garland Award Nominee Best Production

Joseph Jefferson Award Nominee Best Production

After Dark Award for Outstanding Production

ATCA’s Osborn Award and New Play Award Nominee

NewCity’s “Best Theatrical Production of the Year”



“A wonderfully accessible and tremendously vibrant drama about love,

loss, family ties, Noble’s play recalls the anguished beauty of Williams’

The Glass Menagerie.” – Chicago SunTimes

            “There are no high-flying theatrics or overwrought scenes, only blissful

            storytelling that triggers one’s innermost longings, and the hearty Irish

folk humor blends effortlessly with the glorious poetry of Noble’s words.”

 – Chicago NewCity

“A stunning display of fantastic writing, the story of the play winds and trips through a masterfully crafted labyrinth of complicated relationships; it was a breath of fresh air, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” – LAsplash Magazine



Set in a small town on the East Coast of Ireland in the 1950s, two young sisters, torn between duty and desire, struggle to break free from their family bonds as they confront the memory of their beloved mother.



3 women, 4 men (2 women & 3 men: 20s, 1 woman & 1 man: 40s/50s);

Irish dialects needed

One location:  the family home






Seanachai Theatre Company – Chicago, IL – 2001 – Director:  Kevin Theis

The National Theatre – Subotica, Serbia – 2002 – Director:  Goran Rustic

Abingdon Theatre – New York City – 2004 – Director:  Stephen Hollis

The Road Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2004 – Director:  Scott Cummins

Farmington Players – Detroit, MI – 2005 – Director:  Phil Hadley

WAAPA – Perth, Australia – 2007 – Director:  Andrew Lewis



 Joseph Jefferson Award New Work

Stanley Drama Award

ATCA’s Osborn Award and New Play Award Nominee



“Writing in a style that recalls such great Irish masters as Sean O’Casey

and Brian Friel, Noble has fashioned a wise, bittersweet and wholly

lovely play.” – Chicago SunTimes

“A wonderful snapshot of life, emotions are vivid, unadorned and

magnificently explored.” – Daily Variety

“A true-to-life drama with humor and a tension packed dose of human

nature, this tale of a volatile Irish family is simply great theatre.  Written

heart-wrenchingly and with strong characters we are drawn in fully, to

feel personally the unrest that exists in this working class family.”

– Tolucan Times



Set in present day County Clare, Ireland, the prodigal son comes home with his new American wife to confront his loving mother, feckless father, spinster aunt, his vengeful brother and the old passions that torn them all apart.



4 women, 4 men (2 women & 3 men: 20s/30s, 2 women & 1 man: 50s/60s);

Irish dialects needed

One location:  the family home






The Next Theatre – Evanston, IL – 1999 – Director:  Sarah Tucker

InterAct Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2007 – Director:  Darin Anthony

Citadel Theatre – Lake Forest, IL – 2010 – Director:  Scott Phelps



Joseph Jefferson Award Recommendation Best Production

Route 66 National Play Contest 2nd Runner Up



“Noble’s reassuring script feels like a sturdy studio pic written 60 years ago

for a young Anne Baxter—that reliability should be counted among its many

charms.” – L.A. Times

“If one of life’s toughest tests is to forgive the loved ones who abruptly leave

us, Noble’s play confronts the challenge with unflinching compassion and
contagious wisdom.” – Chicago Tribune

“Noble’s comic and dramatic instincts are razor sharp, as is her ability to weave comedy
and drama together into a seamless, lifelike mix.”— Chicago Reader



Set in 1945 Boston, the devoted sister and wife of a missing soldier find themselves
unable to reconcile their differences as they become entangled in the comic, tragic and
romantic lives of their guests, both old and new.



3 women, 3 men (2 women & 2 men: 20s/30s, 1 woman & 1 man: 40s/50s);

Boston/Chicago dialects recommended

One location:  the boarding house






Victory Gardens Theater – Chicago, IL – 2002 – Director:  Sandy Shinner



            The Blank Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2001 – Director:  Eileen T’Kaye



Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Finalist

Joseph Jefferson Award Nominee New Work



“The play is a marvel of precision and timing, a fast-paced series of pithy scenes and pleasant surprises deftly executed.” – Chicago Reader

            “Noble’s new play is a rippling and superbly constructed yarn; it is

accessible, romantic, passionate, intelligent and lyrical, a play with

palpable warmth and humanity.” – Chicago Tribune

            “This family portrait taps deeply into the ebullient music and human

spirit at the heart of Noble’s work, and like her past accomplishments,

it is deserving of praise and recognition.” – Chicago Magazine



Set in the present day, a set of twin sisters find themselves connected, via technology and various ritual celebrations, to women they barely know as their father keeps getting married again and again and again...



6 women (2 women: 20s, 4 women: 30s/40s);

Standard British dialect needed

Multiple locations:  Chicago, New York, London—private & public places






The Road Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2005 – Director:  Darin Anthony

Ashland New Play Festival – Ashland, OR – 2006 – Director:  Ken Albers

Victory Gardens Theater – Chicago, IL – 2007 – Director:  Sandy Shinner



            Mildred & Albert Panowski Award Finalist



Set on the North Shore of Chicago in the present day, the daughters and widow of a famous concert pianist, when confronted with a life threatening illness, attempt to reconcile their shattered relationships with each other and with music.



3 women, 2 men (2 women & 1 man: 20s/30s, 1 woman & 1 man: 50s);

One location:  the elegant family home

Special piece:  a grand piano






Seanachai Theatre Company – Chicago, IL – 1997 – Director:  Michael Grant

The Blank Theatre – Los Angeles, CA – 2003 – Director:  Darin Anthony



Set in the present and the past in rural Kentucky, a woman returns home with her L.A. boyfriend
in order to use her old house as a location for a movie and must confront the family she left behind
as well as the dark memories of her past.



4 women, 2 men (1 woman: teens, 2 women & 2 men: 30s, 1 woman: 60s);

Kentucky dialects needed

One location:  the old family home

The beloved story of the four March sisters is given fresh, new life as their tale is told through the eyes of Jo as she brings the audience into the memories of her and her sisters’ ridiculous and touching adventures in order to find her place both as a writer and a lover in 1860s America.


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Starring:  Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono, Suzanne Westenhoefer, and Meredith Baxter

Directed by Robyn Dettman, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono

Produced by DynaKit Productions.  DVD distribution by Wolfe/US & Pecadillo/UK

Available at www.wehavetostopnow.tv



(co-created with Chane’t Johnson)


Starring: Chane’t Johnson, Elaine Hendrix, Mariette Hartley, Kathryn Joosten, Kristopher Higgins, Chad Brokaw, Valarie Pettiford, Cathy Shim, David St. James

Directed by Katy Garretson (“Frasier”, “George Lopez”, “Lovebites”, “Reba”)

Produced by An Etch Productions